The CIKI Learning Centre offers companies the option of running workshops privately on their premises. We understand there are times when your company’s learning needs require a private and confidential setting. With this offering we can:


  • Modify the workshops to incorporate one of your company’s projects. It will serve as the case study and context for your particular session. Simulated exercises are tailored towards your project, thereby providing actual deliverables that can be applied to your project – a jump-start to your project!
  • Conduct the workshops using a case study selection from the CIKI Learning Centre repository.

Designed to bring unique and practical value to participants, these workshops ensure that the fundamentals and principles discussed will target your company’s specific project and business goals. The CIKI Learning Centre’s Private Workshops can play a significant role in ensuring your projects are completed successfully!

All of our workshops can be provided at our facilities or onsite at your offices.

Our workshop developers and leaders are seasoned professionals who individually bring more than 20 years of project and business management experience to share, mentor and coach your team.

Please review our workshop offering list below. for specific information on a workshop, please click on the workshop PDF:

Project Disciplined Focused Workshops

Workshop Days
An Introduction to Lean & Agile Development 2
Leading SAFe / SAFe Agilist (SA) Certification 2
Project Management Essentials 3
Project Management Essentials 2
Accelerated PMP/CAPM® Certification Exam Preparation 4
Controlling Project Scope, Time and Cost 3
Project Portfolio Management 2
Organizational Change Integration 2
Business Analysis Essentials 3
Procurement / Contract Management Practices 2
Procurement Management For IT Projects 2
Risk Management Essentials 2
Stakeholder Management 2
Building Dynamic Productive Project Teams 2
Building an Effective Business Case 2
Building Effective Work Breakdown Structures 1
Creating Team Synergy & Creative Problem Solving Skills 1

Pricing and discounts are based on number of participants. Please call or contact us to discuss.

We look forward to mentoring and coaching you and/or your team!