We run WORKSHOPS, not courses – What’s the difference?

Courses are a series of lectures and instructions, with predominantly one-way communication from instructor to student.

We provide more than lectures in our workshops. We provide theory, hand-outs of practical sample deliverables for reference, and templates for use in your business.

In addition, our workshops participants enhance their learnings by:

  • Practicing what they have learned in numerous hands-on simulated exercises using business case studies targeted at practicing aspects of the theory;
  • Participating in group reviews and concerted discussion after each simulated exercise to increase concept understanding;
  • Participating in question/answer periods at the end of each module to further reinforce learnings.


We have WORKSHOP LEADERS, not instructors – What’s the difference?

Instructors teach a subject by providing information and facts on the subject and may not be seasoned business practitioners and project managers.

Our Workshop Leaders provide more than the subject matter information. They are:

  • Subject matter experts in their business field;
  • Seasoned professionals and senior practicing consultants who, as Workshop Leaders, individually bring over 25 years of project and business management experience as well as superior workshop leader and facilitation skills;
  • Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP®), and are committed to an on-going process of personal and professional development;
  • Mentors who are available via phone or email to provide support and coaching to participants after the workshop.  The CIKI Learning Centre Workshop Leaders greatly value ongoing client relationships.

We can JUMP-START your projects – How do we do this?

In our private-based workshops, we can use a real project of your choice from your organization for the case study and context of your session. Exercises, group reviews and discussions will be tailored towards your project, thereby creating actual deliverables at the end of the workshop that can be applied immediately to your project.

In addition:

  • We create quality workshop materials that incorporate real-business scenarios facilitating a more meaningful, hands-on learning experience.
  • Workshop participants can earn PMI® Professional Development Units (PDUs) that can be applied to PMP® certification or recertification requirements. Please refer to each individual workshop outline for PDU equivalency amounts.
  • We are not all things to all people – we specialize in project management training.
  • Our consulting group is also available to provide project, program and portfolio management services within your organization.
  • We deliver all of the above at very competitive prices!